Bach Flower Essences


At their inception in the 1930’s, flower essences were conceived of by Dr. Edward Bach, MD., a visionary allopathic physician who comprehended the connection between feelings and actual physical illness, and sensed the bridge made possible to treat them by the original 39 essences he worked with. Flower essences are dilutions of flower or tree material, which through the sunlight-fueled process, become resonant with the vibrational qualities of each plant or tree. Flower essences are an energetic approach which address subtle layers of spirit-psyche. They are gentle, non-invasive, non-habit-forming, and engender no residual bio-chemical changes or side-effects whatsoever, which makes them entirely compatible with all other forms of treatment. The flower dilutions are suspended in a 50:50 solution of water and brandy. Each dosage should be diluted in at least one half liter of spring water if there is a known intolerance to alcohol. Up to 6 remedies can be effectively combined, although taking one remedy or a combining of two are usually suitable for deeper, long-standing characteristics. 

Bach flower essence treatment falls within the realm deemed vibrational medicine, as would stones and crystals, aromatherapy, harmonic sound therapy, colorpuncture, and modalities based upon subtle-body resonance that reconciles energetic balance to the person. Flower essences are allies in shifting more subtle processes and therein encourage states of wholeness in people and in animals. Dr. Bach recognized the energetic signatures or ‘etheric tones’ inherent in trees and flowers and remarkably found a way to impart the essence and attributes of their presence in nature. Dr. Bach pioneered in this visionary form of treatment, and since his genius in the 1930’s, there have been further explorations into the uses of flower essences, both internally and externally. Bach Flower Essences, as well as other essence purveyors, can be sourced in most health food stores.


Pictured is one of my two sets of Bach flower essences. This set dates back to their original purchase made by my father in 1981 from the Bach Centre in the U.K.


Preparing Flower Essences 

• Use a two ounce tincture bottle with dropper

• Fill it with pure water

• Add 4 drops of each of the remedies you wish

• Shake gently before each use

• Administer 4 drops under the tongue, 4 times per day

Note: Rescue Remedy is available pre-mixed and may be administered directly from the bottle under the tongue, with frequency as needed.

With All Best Wishes

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