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Lori  •  Wendy is a truly gifted and experienced healer. Every acupuncture treatment with her begins with her attentive listening. That is also one of her gifts. I first saw Wendy when I had an acute onset of extreme pain that had basically flattened me. She saw me the day I reached out to her and I left the first session feeling significant relief. Every time I’ve seen Wendy I feel an energetic shift. One that I haven’t felt with other modalities or even other acupuncture treatments I’ve received from other practitioners. Those shifts have activated my body’s healing process and abilities, and also a sense of calm, trust and inner peace. In addition, wendy has recommended herbs that have addressed chronic issues that I’ve struggled with for years. I hope I’ve been able to express my confidence in her and my gratitude to her in these words.

Mary •  I’ve been seeing Wendy for Acupuncture since 2011. I’m always amazed at how she zeros in on the problem (and solution) so quickly. I am fascinated by her breadth of knowledge in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She is my go-to for any health concerns. I’m very glad I found her!

Bobby  •  Wendy is very knowledgeable and good at what she does. The herbal remedies and dietary instructions have been as helpful as the needle treatments. Very effective treatment. 

Ally •  Wendy’s experience and knowledge about acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and the human body are extensive. I truly enjoy each visit with her and always leave feeling better than when I walked through the door. The space is clean and welcoming. I highly recommend anyone seeking treatment reach out to her. 
Andy • This was my first experience with acupuncture and it far exceeded my expectations. Wendy has a true gift for healing beyond just treating a specific pain; she takes the time to get to know you and assesses your overall well-being and offers fantastic insights to get you feeling better. Meeting with her for acupuncture has been the highlight of my week the last few weeks and I am looking forward to being a long-time patient of hers. Definitely recommend it to anyone curious about acupuncture. Thanks, Wendy!!

Lindsay • Wendy’s knowledge and expertise about acupuncture are remarkable! She completely changed my life with her lifestyle advice, diet expertise, knowledge and implementation of Chinese herbs & needling, and friendly, warm conversation. I cannot truly put into words what it is like learning & healing from Wendy; she is a never-ending wealth of knowledge in her craft!!! She is welcoming, respectful, and competent. In just a couple of months, my neck & shoulder tension went from a pain scale of 10 to a 2. Wendy truly invests her time and effort into her patients and it has been clear from day one! I recommend her to all my friends & family for a multitude of different reasons – physical, mental, or spiritual guidance.

Jacqueline •  Wendy’s expertise shines through. Wendy’s compassionate treatment of local people in need of treatment while on a trek in the high altitudes of Tibet was admirable. Never having met Wendy before I was impressed how she took the time, under severe circumstances, to stop, take pulses, and give acupuncture treatment to a number of people in need. I witnessed her treatments benefitting each one she treated. I cannot give enough high praise for Wendy’s compassion, expertise, and willingness to go beyond the norm.  -Jacqueline

Robert •  I have been a regular patient of Wendy Brown’s since 1996. Wendy is really great and if you can, please be good to yourself and enjoy her professional acupuncture and herbal services.  -Robert

Steve •  Wendy Brown, Lic. Ac., you are truly a gift. Having someone who really understands the essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine and puts it into practice in (your) clinic at Elemental Changes is an invaluable opportunity.  -Steve

Vanessa •  Wendy is truly an expert in her craft. Her knowledge goes beyond the scope of the traditional acupuncturist and she truly cares for the overall well-being of all her clients. I can not recommend her highly enough!  –Vanessa

Linda •  Wendy has been instrumental in helping me decrease my allergy symptoms with Chinese herbs and acupuncture. During times of high stress, the acupuncture has provided my body a way to unwind and start to rejuvenate. She provides excellent services with her availability, knowledge, time provided for treatments, and compassion.  -Linda

Dylan •  Wendy has been incredibly helpful in treating my shoulder. Not only can she help with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, but she also makes helpful recommendations about diet. I always learn something new and interesting every time I meet with Wendy. I recommend her practice highly!  Dylan

Deborah •  In the last year I relocated to Asheville. I was thrilled to get high praises from Wendy’s other clients. I find the office to be warm and welcoming. Wendy is knowledgeable and sensitive to my needs. Her herbal recommendations have been a tremendous blessing. I know I can trust her skills in helping me to stay healthy.  Deborah

Ron •  Throughout the years I have been to many different practitioners of the healing arts. Wendy ranks as one of the very best that I have experienced. She is precise and clear in her application, allowing the healing process to happen without getting in the way. Her knowledge and experience are deep and comprehensive. She has helped relieve some of my long-abiding conditions and helped me to achieve a general state of well-being. If you follow her guidance you will see results.  -Ron

Tom •  Wendy’s training and years of experience show in the way she treats her clients. She knows how to put you at ease with her collaborative manner. You feel like a partner in your treatment, not a pin cushion. Her knowledge and use of herbs and nutrition make for a well-rounded experience.-Tom

Nathaniel •  Wendy of Elemental Changes Acupuncture is a consummate professional. I originally went to see her about an injured shoulder that I had been living with for about 7 months. At one point, I was not able to lift my arm over my head without extreme pain. Thanks to her expertise and herbal recommendations, I am now pain-free and feeling good. Not just physically, but overall, too. I have since replaced my normal massage therapy sessions with treatments from Wendy. Whether you’re new to acupuncture or not, I highly recommend you give her a call. Today!  -Nathaniel

Brittany   Wendy is wonderful, intuitive, and very good at what she does. I highly recommend her! Make an appointment today, you will feel different walking on the earth, I always do.  -Brittany

Erin •  I greatly look forward to every acupuncture session with Wendy. I haven’t experienced a healing modality as therapeutic or effective as the acupuncture and Chinese herbs within her practice. Her knowledge, skills, and devotion to her ongoing studies of oriental medical arts, make her practice more effective and beneficial than I have experienced from any other visit to a doctor, chiropractor or acupuncturist. I feel grounded, balanced, and peaceful after an acupuncture session with Wendy. After graduating from a massage therapy program my wrists became very inflamed and I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have been fairly devastated by this autoimmune disease through pain, lack of strength, and range of motion in my wrists. I have been to a rheumatology family medicine clinic. I have changed my diet and tried many supplements. Ultimately, they say there is no cure for RA and medication seems to be the only answer. I did not find much luck from an allergy elimination diet or various supplements. My weekly acupuncture and daily Chinese herbs have turned my life around and given me hope beyond mainstream medicine. My inflammation is greatly reduced and I have more strength and mobility in my wrists. My quality of life and sense of hope to conquer this disease and heal is tremendously better with consistent acupuncture and herbal formulas. I feel a wave of stress relief during my sessions. The Qi moves throughout my body and I move into deep relaxation during these very healing treatments. Wendy is very compassionate, supportive, and attentive to my problem. She approaches my Rheumatoid Arthritis from a holistic, realistic, and serious view. She has given me confidence Chinese medicine can work very deeply and facilitate healing. I am excited to go to every acupuncture session. I have not found support or healing from any other practitioner or medical doctor. Thank you, Wendy!  -Erin

Kevin •  Eleven years ago I was suffering terribly from substance abuse. Desperately seeking relief, curled up in fetal position with no control of my physical or mental being, begging, pleading for relief, I called Wendy Brown and asked her if she could help. She assured me that she could and that I should come to her office ASAP. Upon arrival, she asked some questions to make the proper diagnosis and then proceeded to treat me twice a day for the next ten days. During those days of delirious desperation, with her treatments, withdrawal was eased. With the combination of her skilled needle placement coupled with her blends of custom herbs and her kindness, Wendy helped me break the insidious disease of multiple addictions that had been plaguing me for years. Wendy saved my life from certain peril. Wendy has dedicated her life to the purest pursuit; to heal and help those in need, and for that, I will be forever grateful. On behalf of my children and family, Thank you, Thank you from my heart, Thank you from my inner soul, forever and ever.  -Kevin

Charley •  Wendy Brown is one of the finest “real deal” healers in America! Old world craft and dedication is brought lovingly into every individuals’ care. Her acupuncture treatments are world-class- and most of all rendered with palpable compassion and love.  -Charley Castex, International Psychic

Shakti ‎•  As a TCM herb supplier we get many requests from customers looking for a competent licensed acupuncturist. Wendy Brown is at the top of our referral list in the Asheville area. We feel confident referring Wendy based on her years of experience, extensive training, and unique set of skills. We have received nothing but excellent feedback from referred patients.  -Shakti Enterprises Inc.

Alison   Wendy is a mindful and caring practitioner who goes above and beyond.  -Alison

David •  Wendy is a very knowledgeable practitioner.  -David


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