Orderly Progression and Concordant Treatment


The laws of applying all needling therapy require that one observe the influences of sun, moon, and stars, as well as the characteristics of the four seasons and eight seasonal returning points. If, in this manner, one has determined the condition of the influences, the needle treatment may be carried out.

When the Heavens are warm and the sun is shining, the blood is pliant and defensive Qi flows easily; all influences moving easily. If, however, the heavens are cold and the sun is dark, the blood clots and defense-influences sink deep [into the body]. During the new moon the blood and influences are, at first, pure and the dense influences begin their flow. During the full moon, then, blood and influences are in abundance; muscles and flesh are firm. As the moon wanes, muscles and flesh wither; depletion seizes and transportation channels and defensive influences withdraw and only outer form remains.

Let Yourself be guided by the orderly progression of these phenomena of the Heavens. In times of abundance as well as depletion, determine points with the change of light [sun and moon], and in the proper frame of mind. -Ch’i Po

☯ Translation by Paul Unschuld

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