The Great Learning • Da Xue 大學 Confucian Teaching


The way of great learning lies in illuminating bright virtue; Holding people dear and stopping only at utmost goodness.

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To illuminate brightest virtue under Heaven, ancients governed their states first. To govern their states, they first put their families in order. To put their families in order, they first cultivated their body. To cultivate their body, they first rectified their Heart. To rectify their Heart, they first made their intentions sincere.

From: Sìshū Wŭ Chīng 四書五經

The Four Books, written before 300 BC

大學之道在明明德,在親民,在止於至善  知止而后有定;定而后能靜  靜而后能安;安而后能慮;慮而后能得  物有本末,事有終始,知所先後,則近道矣。 古之欲明明德於天下者,先治其國  欲治其國者,先齊其家  欲齊其家者,先修其身 欲修其身者,先正其心  欲正其心者,先誠其意  欲誠其意者,先致其知  致知在格物  物格而後知至  知至而後意誠  意誠而後心正    心正而後身修  身修而後家齊  家齊而後國治   國治而後天下平  自天子以至於庶人,壹是皆以修身為本  其本亂而末治者, 否矣  其所厚者薄,而其所薄者厚,未之有也

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