Happy Water Tiger Year


With All Beneficial Wishes for
A Happy Lunar New Year,
Tibetan Losar & Chinese New Year
of The Water Tiger!

   The Water Tiger last appeared in 1962, and before that, in 1902. The confluence of water meeting the nature of the alert, competitive tiger breeds open-minded tiger energy, which is less characteristically rash and ablaze. Subduing impulsivity with the suffusion of the water element inclines this less temperamental tiger toward new ideas and experiences with gifts of objectivity and exceptional perceptiveness. A realistic type of tiger energy, with a pulse on the context of the environs, one who concentrates skillfully on long-term endeavors, seldom making errors in judgment.
   Tigers are mostly solitary. They are elusive and hard to find, and their movements and behaviors are inherently mysterious. Tigers’ striped patterns are unique to each and serve as camouflage for stalking prey by sight. Tiger roams vast forests, jungle swamplands, and isolated mountain ranges. Tigers’ dens are positioned in secluded areas such as in caves, amongst dense vegetation, or in hollowed trees. Embrace the powerful attributes of the Water Tiger by returning to the solitary life of your jungle mountain cave. There, skillfully concentrating on long-term endeavors, adeptly, boldly, make deals as they come into view.

Please enjoy all benefit from this celebration of the Water Tiger! Encouraged and most welcome to use the share option. Request that all refrain from copy and circulating.
With All Very Best Wishes!

Wild tigers face ongoing challenges in modern world existence. Click to support their preservation with a donation. 


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