Living in the Tao


Reverently entering nature and observing the flow of streams, rivers, and waterfalls is, in itself, one of the natural remedies for a troubled mind. Water benefits the ten thousand things and yet does not compete with them. Water dwells in places the masses of people detest. People detest such places not because they are bad, but because they are unfamiliar; they are held back by fear of the unknown or thrust forward in fearful arrogance, in either manner not trusting in the Tao.

Photo by Marc Newland

Fear is the emotion that ultimately causes the most difficulties. Learning to move gracefully around obstacles, like water does, is one of the aims of practicing T’ai Qi. Joining the flow of Tao, wherever it may go, leads one to unusual places, but places meant to be visited by those who have devoted themselves to the Tao.

Each of us a different face of the same journey. Adapted from Spirit of Peace, by Subhuti Dharmananda.

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