Mr. Tsui



Sleep well, Exercise daily, Do not over-eat, but never be in want of adequate nutrition.


Always try to be happy; keep yourself free from worries and troubles, and always retain a good conscience.


Then, you may live in good health and youthfulness even when you have reached the age of 102.


102 year old Mr. Tsui says: “The normal human life span is about 125-150 years. Longevity lies in adequate sustenance, adequate sleep, adequate exercise, having a cheerful spirit and a good conscience.”


Before his retirement at age 66, Tsui, like people his age, was showing usual symptoms of aging. After retirement he began practicing a daily routine that he had learned as a young man in the army, taught to him by a Buddhist monk in a temple in Manchuria. Since retirement, Mr. Tsui has practiced this regimen without missing a day; rising at 4:30am, opening windows to let fresh air circulate through his house, then doing his exercises (analogous to Qigong) in bed. The results are evident and Mr. Tsui has not used his medical insurance nor been to a doctor since commencing his longevity practices.


Mr. Tsui’s Life-Nurturing, Longevity Regimen


The primary key to longevity is always be happy and optimistic without quandary or drama. Living life naturally and exercising often, even when tired.


Mr. Tsui exercises everyday in his bed, practicing 20 modalities such as fetal breathing, eye massage, ear massage, hair-combing, hip-swinging, and others.


Turtle breathing is natural respiration, but with deep, long, smoothing breaths; completely relaxed, which stimulates the self-healing power inherent in the body.


Always eat breakfast of hot porridge (congee).


Walk in a nearby park or place of nature after breakfast.


Walk everywhere that is in walking distance.


Diet should be comprised mainly of vegetables. Picky eating is unuseful.


No eating meat, or fried, frozen, overly-spicy or salty foods.


Refrain from sweets.


Soak vegetables in water for 20 minutes before rinsing and cooking them.


Do not eat exotic foods such as abalone, shark’s fin, etc. Simply enjoy tea and simple foods.


Never ingest anything other than drinking water after 7:00pm.


Never smoke, drink or chew gum or betel nut.


Health of the brain: “Comb” all ten fingers through your hair from front to back of the head 108 times.


Health of the brain-also: Place one hand on the forehead and the other on the back of the head to massage the head horizontally 108 times.


Health of the brain: Never play mahjong more than eight rounds, and never sacrifice sleep staying up late playing games.


Teeth health: Concentrate energy in your teeth. Clench them together during bowel movement. This action helps to prevent tooth decay.


Mouth hygiene: Do not use toothpaste. Only brush with salt to clean your teeth.


Preserve eyesight: Press the tips of your thumbs on the inner aspects (canthi) of both eyes 180 times.


Preserve eyesight-also: Use both the middle and ring fingers to massage the rims of eyes outward 108 times.


Preserve eyesight: Use saliva secreted from your mouth to wipe your eyes.


Preserve good hearing: Hold both earlobes between middle and ring fingers and massage up and down 108 times.


Preserve good hearing-also: Use middle fingers to massage the areas in front of the upper earlobes 108 times.


Preserve good hearing: Use both hands to massage the entire area of both earlobes 36 times.


Digestive health: Place your index, middle and ring fingers on the navel area, massaging clockwise 81 times.


Health of bladder: Place your hands one on the top of the other below your navel and rub 108 times.


Alleviate waist pain and stiffness: Lie down with both legs drawn to the abdomen and kick out 108 times.


Alleviate hemorrhoid pain: Lie down, bending the tips of both feet inwards while contracting your anus 10 times.


Preserve leg strength: Lie down, bending the tips of both feet inward while stretching both legs straight out, lifting upward 30 times.


Keep shoulders straight: Hold hands together in front and lifting them above head 36 times.


Strengthen arms and waist: Do 36 pushups.


Self-healing exercise: In lotus posture, breathe deeply 36 times with tongue lightly touching the upper palate of the mouth, while inhaling through the nose – exhaling through the mouth.


Photos of Mr Tsui’s Practices: http://www.nwdsy.com.cn/wenzhang/file.asp?id=399

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