Moderate Daily Exercise


Rest and exercise should compliment one another. Rest with little physical exertion tends to be harmful to the body; long-term sitting being harmful to the muscles, and lying down for extended periods harms the QI. It can be concluded that even with good diet and rest but without physical exercise, the entire system is burdened.


Harmony is the essential characteristic of the Chinese philosophy of health. Everything from Heaven and earth, to the seasons, to the five elements, to the human body, must remain harmonious with the Tao [Universal Qi] in order to maintain its existence. To preserve vital Qi we must learn to flow with the Tao and seek harmony and balance. In this way, moderation is key.


Choose suitable, individualized daily physical exercise to reduce stress and the hazards of disease. It should be noted that lifting and bearing beyond one’s true strength harms to the body. Qi Gong, T’ai Chi, and yoga are excellent practices to promote healthy organ functioning, nervous system, and circulation among plentiful other benefits.


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