Worry and anxiety are examples of excessive thinking recognized by traditional Chinese medicine as injurious to the harmony of the Spleen. The Spleen, in tandem with the Stomach, constitute the digestive process. The Spleen also secures residence to the intellect, or Yi. Pensiveness, brooding, compulsive thought, study and the like, disrupt the Spleen functions of absorbing nutrients and subsequently generating blood. Mental processing, a function of Yi, can drain Spleen Qi. Blood carries nutrients required for cellular regeneration. Aging is ultimately a weakening of nutrient absorption. This often gets people’s attention.

When the Spleen is healthy, Yi communicates with frequencies of one’s world with clarity so thought process is directed into action in an integrated way where the individual is largely contented and not overly attached to concerns or outcomes. Emotional entanglement, as will too much sitting, allow mental process the range to become a source of obfuscation and illness. This has significance also for the great many who daily gaze at their cellphones, taking in the world of ideas, making comparisons and evaluations that then need to be digested – drawing on the function of Spleen Qi. This may seem like a small piece, but it is an important one.

‘Racing and hunting craze the mind.
No strife, then no blame.’ -I Ching


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