Rules and Judgement • Su Wen Ch.70


Judgment [lun cai] and mind [zhi yi] must be based upon laws and rules. If one follows the classics, observing the calculations and accordingly practicing [medicine] with due reverence to these rules, this will be of benefit and set an example for all humankind. If the way is carefully observed, a myriad of diseases can be cured. Qi and Blood will assume a proper balance and the mandate of Heaven will last long.

Regarding Rules & Judgment:

• If one punishes where there is no transgression, this is a great error.

• If one rebels against the grand norms of nature, true Qi can not be restored.

• If a practitioner treats a repletion as if it were a depletion, if s/he considers evil Qi as if it were true Qi, and if s/he [applies needles] disregarding what is right to do, s/he plunders Qi, and in that, removes proper Qi [of the patient].

SuWen Ch.70, Based on Translations by Paul Unschuld

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