Solidarity With Those In Suffering


In the day-to-day, it may not enter one’s mind to consider the people and other sentient beings who live in states of suffering. Suffering is an ageless facet of living. Sickness, torment, and deep pain are moment-to-moment states of existence which isolate. In their isolation, we are unlikely to encounter those who are in suffering unless we ourselves are in a health providing field, a loved one has fallen deeply ill, or are someone working in professions of animal rescue or slaughter. The human world seems to aspire to feel no pain on its illusory quest for security and gratification; starkly contrasting the experience of beings living in pain and suffering, their process of transformation, and letting go.

May we offer a tribute of solidarity with our fellow sentient ones who are suffering the moments of their life greatly. No matter where you are, and what personal affiliations, take the opportunity to visit your sick friend with some groceries, visit animals at a shelter, cook a meal for someone who is lonely or new to your area, simply give someone a smile or a kind word, for example, or hold a meditative blessing for the well-being of an individual or all beings who are in suffering, fear, hopelessness and despair at this very moment.




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