While the brain can help us to understand, it can also separate us from the essence of true knowing. Some of the issues of academic teaching, as well as the orientation we encounter in many of our patients, is that the brain wants to rule. The brain has its place but it is absolutely subservient to the unifying function of the Heart, which is like an aperture that allows us a state of resonance, rapport and connection with everything else.

The Heart is all-healing and creates unity and connection; while brain, the servant, can vie to become the master, denying there is anything outside of itself with its causal, scientific, analytical process of creating distinctions. Establishing a healthy heart field in one’s self is important. The capacity for synchronization is a fundamental truth and cultivating coherence of our heart field allows a channel to enfold a person who is ill to the inner cultivation of truth.

All sentient beings basically synchronize to the energy fields of their environment. Electromagnetic fields encompass a huge amount of ‘information’ about each organism, and once synchronized, there is a rapid flow of information exchanged. In synchronizing, a patient harmonized with their practitioner’s healthy Essence and Heart patterns, finds support to solve their health conditions and facilitate change and hope on their life path.



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