Taoist Interpretation of Acupuncture


Ma Danyang wrote an ode to the “11 Miraculous Acupuncture Points,” published in the text of The Jade Dragon Manual [1329]. The name of the song, “Song of the Eleven Points Responding to the Stars in the Sky” is instructive. It is likely that Ma not only offered interpretation of the wondrous, inherent nature of the acupuncture points, but also the influence the stars have on them.

Ma Dan Yang

Taoist interpretation of acupuncture. Read More http://www.itmonline.org/arts/madanyang.htm


Here, Taoist Immortal Lu Dongbin, an inspiration for Wang Chongyan, travels through the clouds riding on a dragon – representational of the Tao. In his left hand he holds an uncorked bottle of immortality elixir. The elixir fragrance wafts upward, becoming another dragon [smaller dragon in upper right]. Lu Dongbin’s supernatural powers are, in fact, quite natural because he is in perfect harmony with the Tao.

Ma Danyang’s Heavenly Star Points Part I Lecture by Andrew Nugent-Head



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