Living Qi is the Ruling Qi


External environmental excesses generate pathogenesis, and whether they originate from cold, dampness, wind, fire, summer heat, or dryness, transform into heat within the body. Liu Wan Su’s herbal protocol advocates the use of cool and cold medicinals. Bob Flaws is a master of the innumerable distinctions of Chinese medicine and sinology. This short presentation on […]

Post-Partum Care


The following article, Sit the Month, by Weijing Zhu regarding post-partum time is too informative not to share. When Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge, or Kate Middleton as the more common oiks know her, gave birth to the royal babies, she stepped out to greet the world’s media the next day. Many Chinese looked on […]

Okyu Thread Moxibustion


• Originally from China, Okyu direct moxibustion acquired a high degree of sophistication in Japan.   • Deeply penetrating heat applied here stimulates Yang, encouraging circulation.   • Increases white blood cells to strengthen immunity and restore energy.   • Thin cones of mugwort are ideal for Okyu moxibustion treatment.    

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