Degenerative Disease and Inflammation Due to Dietary Factors


Borrowing A Western Perspective  TCM as a style of Chinese medicine uses the 4 examinations to gather information from a patient to determine their disease pattern. Often there are 3-4 patterns simultaneously that determine diagnosis and treatment. If any piece of information is ungatherable through the 4 examinations, technically it can not be used to […]

An Introduction to Qi


Qin Bo-Wei’s 56 Methods: Hot and cold injure the body. Elation and anger damage the Qi.  Emotions are Qi and all Qi disorders are a result of the 7 emotions.  An informative lecture on the perspectives of 20th century TCM physician-scholar, Qin Bo-Wei on emotion and Qi in this erudite lecture by Jason Blalack. Qin […]

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