Handmade Moxa


A colleague in my office recently gave me some pure, aged, Japanese moxa from MoonGate Moxa Source. I immediately used the Homare on two cases of arthritic pain and am happy to recommend it. The incense is lovely, also! thread moxa, direct moxa, moxibustion, okyu, japan, incense, chinese medicine, moxa floss, tcm, acupuncture, japanese incense, […]

Warming Needle Moxibustion


Promotes free-flow of QI and blood and warms meridians; treating painful joints caused by cold-damp, for numbness, paralysis, and sensation of cold. An excellent treatment, particularly in seasonal cold-damp and conditions of debility.

Treatment of Bell’s Palsy w/ Moxibustion at LI4


Historically the acupoint LI4 [Hegu] has been indicated to treat Bell’s Palsy. However, research indicates that moxibustion at LI4 benefits Bell’s Palsy patients with facial paralysis specifically affecting the lips. The application of moxibustion to LI4 benefits facial symmetry similarly as would electro-acupuncture on points around the mouth. MRI scans indicate that LI4 also intersects sensory […]

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