Perspective on Marijuana in Chinese Medicine


I was fortunate to have had a conversation with Dr. Hammer in 1990 in the hallway of N.E.S.A. in my graduating year of school. Welcoming me to the profession, Dr. Hammer also congratulated me on choosing such a wonderful pursuit as the healing path of Oriental Medicine. Dr. Hammer is a trove of wisdom and […]

Food Guidance in TCM


BITTER • Adjusts Fire [HT-SI]  Preparation by raw, pressed, blanching. SWEET • Adjusts Earth [ST-SP]  Preparation by steaming, low heat cooking for a long time, boiling. PUNGENT • Adjusts Metal [LU-LI]  Sauteéing then covered simmering, and pressure cooking. SALTY • Adjusts Water [KI-BL]  Preparation by stewing, frying, crockery cooking. SOUR • Adjusts Wood [LV-GB] Preparation […]

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