Food Therapy to Nourish Health


Roots of Chinese medicine are based in “Nourishing Life” or Yangsheng 養生    Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Pieces of Gold 千金翼方, compiled by Sun Simiao in the Tang Dynasty, is a comprehensive medical classic which summarized studies and records on medical treatment and had great influence on the development of oriental medicine in the later ages. […]

‘The Clouds Should Know Me By Now’


Leaves fall, where no green earth remains. A person at ease wears this plain, white robe. With simplicity and plainness one’s original nature is still. Therefore, what need is there to practice “Calming of the Heart?” Chia-Tao 779-843 Buddhist poet of the middle Tang dynasty Translation by Mike O’Connor & Red Pine

Bodily Teachings


· The hands teach us not to be selfish. · The mouth teaches us to give thanks in word and song. · The nose teaches us to learn from our environment. · The eyes teach us to show compassion and sincerity. · The ears teach us to keep our balance. · All parts of ourselves […]

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