Acupuncture Detox for Chemical Addiction Cessation

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Auricular acupuncture is clinically proven to be the most effective natural method of chemical detoxification. In particular, I use Acu~Detox in my practice to help a patient who smokes to become an ex-smoker permanently, but I have witnessed and participated in treating heavily addicted populations using the 5 point ear acupuncture method that yields such noteworthy and effective results. Chemical addictions are insidious and it must be clearly established that acupuncture is not a magic cure, however, it can significantly reduce cravings and lessen associated withdrawal symptoms that plague people in the process of quitting, and which so often sabotage success. Acupuncture treatment for cessation does not turn cravings off per se, although it does effectively mute and redirect the buildup of craving energy and bestows resilience to the human vessel. Physical and psycho-emotional health of an individual builds with overcoming the shackles of chemical addictions and acupuncture can help. A commitment from the patient to move forward with treatment and the healing process can only be made on a personal level by the patient.

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The Treatment: 5 auricular (ear) acupuncture points have proven highly effective for breaking addiction. Investigations that support the efficacy of acu-detox have repeatedly demonstrated that acupuncture stimulates endorphin release, the body’s ‘feel good’ hormones; while in specific, the principles of Chinese medicine show that acupuncture needling heals by stimulating a person’s Qi. Harmonious Qi flow circulates and adjusts within the body creating equilibrium that strengthens organ function and grants flexibility to the organism structurally and emotionally. Adjusting Qi to release calming, pain-inhibiting endorphins amounts to a most successful natural method of successfully getting a handle on addiction and moving beyond habits toward freedom and health.

Chemically addicting agents enter the Heart orifice and proceed to alter and injure Shen or spirit that resides in the Heart, thus causing obfuscation of the Heart sovereign’s sensing and process of thought. Such addictions exhaust Blood and shorten lifespan. In Chinese medicine tobacco specifically is categorized as having a pungent taste and a hot, toxic nature. Tobacco use depletes Kidney Jing – which explains the particular toxicity of tobacco during pregnancy. According to Chinese medicine, tobacco pathologically dries vital fluids and Jing-Essence, on top the focused harmful effects on the lungs, and why it is considered to be largely without medicinal benefit.

Tobacco was introduced in China in 1575. The last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Chong Zhen (1611 –1644), enacted laws against smoking and by the Qing Dynasty it became known medically that tobacco scorches Kidney Jing and the vital fluids with its pungent and drying nature, damaging the lungs, throat, and stomach as well. Tobacco was noted to lessen the perception of tastes of food and drink, and to make the tongue coating dark yellow or eventually black, indicating its heat toxicity buildup in the body.

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Note from Wendy: Researching the effective method of auricular acupuncture to facilitate chemical detoxification, I was fortunate to have gained practical knowledge which I use to assist patients in my practice when treating substance addiction and specifically for smoking cessation. Fieldwork and training in New York City and Boston area facilities that successfully apply this 5 point auricular method have inspired the Acu-Detox format that I offer at Elemental Changes Oriental Medicine.

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