Attention Deficit Disorder


It appears that Attention Deficit Disorder, referred to as A.D.D., arises from a neurological defect, with abnormalities in brain tissue and/or biochemical functions. Nutritional deficiencies, exposure to harmful chemicals in-utero such as from smoking, alcohol, prescription and/or illicit drugs, and by further exposure to environmental pollutants – all of which have become wide-spread problems during the past four decades – seem to be the pathological factors that strongly contribute to A.D.D.

The imbalance of spiraling from Yang to Yin to Yang

The imbalance of spiraling from Yang to Yin to Yang

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, essence and marrow are the foundation of the brain. Early problems with mental development indicate deficiency of an individual’s vital essence. As well, phlegm obstruction and settling agitated Yang energy that is manifesting as hyperactivity are significant pieces of the etiology of A.D.D. that can be improved with oriental medicine. Chinese literature suggests that treatment of this condition by acupuncture begins to show improvement ranging from two weeks to two months, with Chinese herbal preparations appropriate to the condition also crucial to the success of treatment.

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