Cholesterol from a TCM Perspective


Did you know that Yang-energy fight or flight hormones associated with stress rhythms can cause an elevation in cholesterol?

Traditional Chinese Yin-Yang theory is adaptable to classify all universal phenomena, including the modern dietary-lifestyle staples that play into most health conditions. Coffee, sugar, and alcohol, among the more ubiquitous, have an overwhelming and weakening effect on the interconnected systems of the body. In the polarity of Yin-Yang, these substances are seen to liberate a lot of Yang Qi, which is to say the active, warming, dynamic aspects of the functioning, material form. Stress hormones have a similar effect in liberating Yang Qi.

In Yin-Yang theory of TCM, to balance excessive Yang, the body functionally secretes Yin to compensate to bring balance to the Yang excess, which includes secretion of the inherently densely Yin substance of cholesterol. Due to factors of over-consumption of strongly Yang-natured substances, and possible familial predisposition, often this compensation of Yin in the form of cholesterol occurs to pathological levels. Much more than avoiding eggs (which can be refuted as irrelevant) to prevent or reduce cholesterol are the dietary factors of coffee, sugar, and alcohol that are far more debilitating. In Chinese medical theory balancing Yin and Yang is key to physical health and mental well being. Eliminating stress and the dietary factors that liberate an abundance of Yang Qi in the body is the first step to reducing elevated Yin-levels of cholesterol, and it is the final step in maintaining healthy blood cholesterol.

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