Cupping Therapy in TCM


Cupping, Báguàn 拔罐, is a traditional technique that uses specialized glass or bamboo cups on particular surface areas of the body. A vacuum seal is created by using a small flame as a source to suction out air, although suction can be created using a hand-held pump device and a slightly different type of glass cup that it attaches to. The suction that is created within any of these types of cups releases the flow of QI in the muscle layers, helping to alleviate wind headache, colds and flu with body aching, ‘Bi’ or painful syndromes, as well as useful for detoxification, and asthma. Reddish or purple circular markings may remain at the local area for several days following a cupping treatment as stagnation is drawn from deeper layers of tissue up to the surface. This is a completely natural result.

This practitioner has excellent technique in the application of fire into the cups and getting good suction.


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