Flavonoids, an aspect of the compound category of polyphenols, are present in practically all fruit and vegetable plants, and also in many herbs of the Chinese medicinal pharmacopeia. Flavonoids are starches that are soothing to the gastro-intestinal system, are anti-allergy, and elicit anti-viral activity. Flavonoids display their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects through compatible herbal interactions and by metabolizing a wholesome diet. Here is a short list of Chinese herbs and a chart highlighting some foods highest in flavonoids.

Among others:

Huang Qi, Huang Qin, Shan Dou Gen, Lian Qiao, San Qi, Shan Zha, Hong Hua, She Chuang Zi, Sang Bai Pi, Jiaogulan, Yuxingcao, Ge Gen



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